• begins with solo vocal
  • single repeated lyric/melody line
  • first repeat adds a harmony
  • second repeat adds a second harmony
  • organ enters halfway through the above
  • distorted, bubbling organ (almost soloing) turns into chords
  • bass enters next time around
  • vox repeats stop leaving kik/snr/hat (all one the beat) plus offbeat finger click, delayed organ
  • vox returns with rim shot
  • vox harmonies repeat in a round
  • organ and bass get busier, melodic runs
  • last line is repeated, overlapped while organ goes crazy ascending (out of key on the way)
  • plateaus into a 3 chord loop, tremelo-ing
  • vox drop out
  • drums stop
  • organ fades

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. crescendo plateaus into loop
  2. single line repeated but with gaps and last paraphrase repeats