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09 ‘Why Don’t You Call Me’ – James Blake – James Blake

  • two line lyric, repeated
  • piano + vox beginning
  • popping edits begin with piano and background noise
  • then processed hi vocal joins
  • descending bass line joins to end
  • very short song (1:36)

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. begin with ‘live performed’ section, then build track from edited loops of same material
  2. use edit pops as beat

08 ‘To Care (Like You)’ – James Blake – James Blake

  • lyric double meaning by being homophones “how forlorn to watch you go / how full on to watch you grow”
  • begins with vox, joined by single chord pad
  • little insert of popping edited processed high vocal
  • low harmony vox joins
  • unexpected backing enters. beat with low bass, organ pads and pop edit vox loop
  • fast electronic woodblock is a feature of the beat
  • pop edit vox loop changes chord and back again (pitch shift without tempo shift)
  • ‘chorus’ vox sounds pitch shifted up (live performances feature another vocalist for this part – presumably to recreate this pitch shifted timbre)
  •  breakdown section: low bas + vox, then organ pads + vox, then opo edit vox loop solo
  • all returns for second half, repeats first main section
  • ends with solo vox loop

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. popping edit loop, changing chord, as backbone of song
  2. double meaning homophones

07 ‘Give Me My Month’ – James Blake – James Blake

  • piano & vox (uneffected)
  • single take live performance (ie. piano and vox recorded simultaneously)
  • some faint background noise
  • very little lyric repetition (compared to previous tracks)
  • short (1:56)
  • feels like an interlude, a break from the processed electronics, midway through the album

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. live performance recorded in a sonically interesting place (ie. background sound)
  2. falsetto vocals

06 ‘Limit To Your Love’ – James Blake – James Blake

  • cover of Feist song
  • just the chorus (or single section) of the original, repeated
  • piano + vox + subtle percussion (woodblock?) or is it the piano pedals?
  • first section ends with delay on piano and vocal
  • deep, oscillating bass and kik/rim shot enters in second repeat, no piano
  • return to piano + vox, no bass or beats
  • piano drops outs, bass and beat returns
  • beat and bass drops outs
  • delayed piano and vox lead into long pause
  • all inst in for final section, bass + vox solo, piano returns, beats return to solo fade out…

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. deep, oscillating bass
  2. long pause with delays fading out

05 ‘Lindisfarne II’ – James Blake – James Blake

  • continuation lyrically, of previous track
  • beats added – incl. woody tuned offbeat
  • acoustic guitar (with interesting distortion)
  • takes last line of part 1 and makes it a harmonised chorus
  • verse sung over/under chorus
  • beats drop out for mid section, then return
  • second mid section (drum solo?) – guitar and vox drop out
  • all returns for final section

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. distorted acoustic guitar – sound like mic distortion?
  2. off beat woody tuned percussion
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