• lyric double meaning by being homophones “how forlorn to watch you go / how full on to watch you grow”
  • begins with vox, joined by single chord pad
  • little insert of popping edited processed high vocal
  • low harmony vox joins
  • unexpected backing enters. beat with low bass, organ pads and pop edit vox loop
  • fast electronic woodblock is a feature of the beat
  • pop edit vox loop changes chord and back again (pitch shift without tempo shift)
  • ‘chorus’ vox sounds pitch shifted up (live performances feature another vocalist for this part – presumably to recreate this pitch shifted timbre)
  •  breakdown section: low bas + vox, then organ pads + vox, then opo edit vox loop solo
  • all returns for second half, repeats first main section
  • ends with solo vox loop

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. popping edit loop, changing chord, as backbone of song
  2. double meaning homophones