• single lyric/melody line repeated – with slight variations in text
  • 10 x 9 bar measures – the first section has no vox.
  • the 11th and final measure is only 7 bars
  • vox flutters from left to right rapidly
  • big reverb on the vox
  • big crescendo of ‘noise’ begins at the 5th section and ends at the 11th (outro)
  • 1st: long organ chords and kik/snr intro
  • 2nd: vox
  • 3rd: counter melody + ‘drain’ percussive hit with reverb
  • 4th: vox harmonies
  • 5th: noise begins to creep in
  • 6th:
  • 7th: drums drop out – heavy bass
  • 8th: kik back in
  • 9th: opening hi hat in – gets ducked by kik
  • 10th: closed hi hat ticking in – combines with ducked open hat
  • 11th(outro): drums except kik drop out, noises dies away, vox loses verb

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. overall structure with noise crescendo
  2. single melody/lyric line repeated