• moody ambient loops, drifting from right to left and back again.
  • main theme on acst gtr over the top, verbed – 2 mins of this intro
  • some of the loops drop out the moment the acst gtr strumming comes in, dbled and hard panned
  • then heavy gtrs, bass and drums come in, cutting out the acst strumming, plus screaming and spoken word
  • wobbly piano plays theme over it all
  • majority of this section (screaming vox, gtrs and drums) sounds muffled, like a bad demo tape
  • spoken word, hard left, is clear and hi fi in comparison
  • stops suddenly

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. muffled, like a bad demo tape – as effect when contrasted either with previous section or with instrument on top
  2. sudden cuts and edits between sections and sudden ending