• minimal/sparse track, in complete contrast to previous track (and following track)
  • vox enters straight away, very dry
  • introduces recurring lyric ‘nothing can stop me now’ that reappears in several later tracks
  • drum loop seems a combination of different drum spaces/ ie one hi hat hit has big room space on it, the snr is dry and dead.
  • this expands to whole parts, different drum and synthesized parts spliced together to form typical drum patterns
  • use of backwards screams/cheers as texture
  • tremelo piano melody enters during track fade out, acoustic gtr becomes audible, drums drop out.
  • piano melody; acoustic instrument treated to still sound natural but doing something it can’t do in real life. ie. tremelo on piano notes. this is the downward spiral theme.

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. lyric recurring as theme/chant throughout several songs
  2. drum loops made from different spaced drum recordings; both at a micro hit-by-hit level and at a macro part-by-part level