• slight crossfade with discordant choir
  • flutes phrase repeating as intro
  • doubled bass joins, + reed woodwind
  • strings and vox
  • drums and horns come in in chorus (B)
  • searing lead elct gtr outros chorus and into ‘sad song’
  • lou vox choir sing ‘sad song’ + lead vox spoken over top
  • final ‘sad song’ section: starts with only strings and vox
  • drums, elect gtr and bass join
  • sliding elect gtr (or synth?) moments
  • final few bars; just flutes and reed woodwind

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. lyric: (1. location 2. her 3. him 4. he says/she says 5. drug paranoia 6. hate 7. numb 8. loss 9. the final act) 10. AFTER
  2. lyric structure; A B C A B C