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Fat, fuzzy synth bass drives this slow, lazy groove. Funk guitar (high end only) and lots of layers of melodic synths in the back of the mix, obviously needing to sit under the rap vocals. The drums and percussion are strangely sharp, the hats in particular are harsh, panned hard left, accents hard right. There are lots of special details that happen sporadically here and there (laughing, scratches, spoken word samples)  – an incredible amount of production work, especially considering they all sit buried under the rapping. There’s a lead synth line that appears in the intro, then drops out when the rap starts but then keeps reappearing under the rap. The lead rap vocal is characteristically dry with no noticeable effects on it (except for a delay on a single word later on…)

The chorus -if you can call it that – is only distinguished by an increase in the amount of background sound effects and the reappearance of the lead synth line. It really only feels like a chorus when it finishes – these elements disappear and the second rap vocal starts.

The second lead vocal (Snoop Dogg) gets a little group vocal reinforcement at one stage, but it is not a reoccurring element. There is a delay on the final word – ‘bitch’ – of Snoop Dogg’s first verse, panning off to the left. The vocals are dry, as is the hip hop style, sitting right on top, every word crystal clear. Compare the dry rap vocal with the female backing vocals (especially at the end when they can be heard on their own) and hear the reverb on the wordless vocals. These female vocals appear at the 3:43 mark (during the second and final “chorus”) and continue for the rest of the track, with rap over the top. Synth line is present here too – all these elements create the climax of the track, as they all come to a stop leaving the female vox to finish the track.

Overall quite an involved production, deceptively so, as at first the laidback feel of the track makes it seem simple. There aren’t any dramatic switches from section to section. Instead elements just casually slip in and out of the mix making it feel like one long flow rather than a structured piece of work. This is of course due to the bass line remaining constant and present throughout. The rap is obviously the prominent element, and interest is maintained by there being two vocalists trading verses.