• hammering high piano – hard left
  • 3/4 organ/synth + metallic percussion
  • vox
  • snr and tamb on 1&2&3&4&, kik on 1
  • chorus: bass and kik come in on 1234, choir and vox
  • 2nd verse: drums and bass drop out (returns to 1st verse instrumentation)
    new string/organ melody
  • chorus 2: same again
  • 2nd repeat of chorus has melodic deviation
  • middle: ‘everyone’s here’, long bass notes sliding, new piano melody (slow chord appregios)
  • then back into chorus
  • ‘everyone’s here’ returns over the top
  • final lines – before big ending
  • prosody: ‘everyone’s here’ party hubbub sfx – as intro to next track

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. drums: velvet underground train or nothing
  2. train drums contrasting with long slow bass, and piano/vox melodies