• distorted elc gtr riff + drums (toms, no metal) + handclaps and thigh slaps
  • reminds me of radiohead’s ‘there, there’
  • vox, distorted, doubled with keys
  • bass?
  • chorus: switches to steady beat with tambourine
    melody: keys + vox  – call and response
  • 2nd verse: as above but with organ
  • 2nd chorus: ends with extended with instrumental section
  • background children / crowd as solo
  • bvs: low ‘ohs”
  • lead vox: closer, doubled with keys – new melody
  • and back into chorus melody but this time with wordless singing and doubled with keys
  • slow down ending

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. chorus: switches from funky to steady beat
  2. background children / crowd as solo