• ‘musical’ word with syllables extended/repeated
  • swirling strings, acoustic gtr, legato synth bass, vox
  • legato synth bass and ac gtr provide the main thrust
  • strings in between vox lines
  • bvs harmonising in ‘rococo’ then wordless verbed out
  • kik or tom subtly enters during 2nd verse
  • drums enter after 2nd chorus
  • feedback gtr enters in 3rd verse
  • and turns into elc gtr riff
  • strings and bvs harmonise/double in end section
  • ends with harpsichord and feedback gtr

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. ‘musical’ word with syllables extended/repeated
  2. marry a synthetic inst with a natural acoustic inst. eg. legato synth bass and ac gtr