• starts with loop holding chord
  • vox enters, chord sequence begins
  • bass enters
  • vox alternates between
    mod phrasing ‘i understand your body wants it’,
    slow phrasing ‘ride baby, ride baby’,
    fast phrasing ‘with your louis v bag, tatts on your arms’
  • breakdown/merge into ‘after party’: fem bv delayed, fades, bass + drums continue, lead vox
  • 2nd half: processed funk gtr lick
  • bass and drums drop out
  • processed bv
  • kik returns
  • drums return, dub gestures on drums
  • pulsing, breathy beat – surging

KEY IDEAS to plunder

  1. pulsing, breathy beat – surging
  2. two versions of the one song (same chords/melody) stitched together